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Unlocking Success through Life Experience and Networking

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Welcome to NRG This Week! In this episode, we have the pleasure of introducing you to Heather Burton De Jesus, the owner of Burton's Bookkeeping LLC. Heather's journey is remarkable as she combines her life experiences as a teacher and a sergeant in the military with her bookkeeping and financial consulting practice. Join us as we explore how her unique skills and dedication set her apart from the competition and discover the power of networking.

Heather, you have been an integral part of NRG's journey, and we're always eager to showcase our wonderful members. We're honored to introduce Heather, who is more than just a bookkeeper. She has a servant's heart and has already contributed her skills to NRG. Heather is an essential part of our Towson, Maryland NRG group, and we can't wait to have her share her story and experiences with us.

Heather shares her work as a bookkeeper and how she has brought her unique skills to help NRG members and small business owners.

"I own Burton's Bookkeeping, which I launched back in February. My mission is to assist small business owners who find themselves swamped with paying bills and dealing with uncollected invoices. When they partner with me, they experience a transformation in their financial management – bills get paid, cash flows smoothly, and they regain control of their business operations. I love helping these entrepreneurs run their businesses with confidence and peace of mind."

Heather's background in accounting and her decision to shift her career path is a compelling story. She explains her journey from an early career as an accountant to becoming a teacher and then transitioning to bookkeeping and financial consulting.

Heather's story exemplifies how following your true calling can lead to success and fulfillment in your career. Her ability to adapt and seize opportunities demonstrates the resilience and creativity that can emerge from adversity.

Heather's journey from a teacher and military sergeant to a successful business owner in bookkeeping and financial consulting is truly inspiring. Her dedication to her clients and the support she offers them demonstrates the power of networking and collaboration. As NRG prepares for an exciting year in 2024, Heather's story serves as a reminder that life experiences, dedication, and a willingness to help others can set you apart in the world of business.

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